Credited as a director, producer and camera operator, I worked on Last of the Elephant Men over a period of 4 years. From researching and casting the participants to training and running a team of Bunong translators, I was integral to all stages of the production. The years of hard work paid off as the documentary won numerous international wards including a Canadian Screen Award for Best Cinematography in a Feature-Length Documentary. It was also aired on a prime time Saturday night slot on France 2.

I was contacted by 10x10 to work as a location scout to find slums where the main action of the Cambodia vignette of the documentary would take place. I photographed a number of locations and geotagged everything using Google Maps so that everything was clear. It was a pleasure to meet Richard E. Robbins and the team when they were on location in Cambodia and to see the film at the Cambodian premiere. I managed a team of translators to create Khmer subtitles of the film.