It was an honour to make this video for Temple Garden Foundation (TGF), a small NGO based in Siem Reap. The concept was to show all of the programmes they have implemented through the story of Samnang, one of the beneficiaries. The animation gives the global facts of the NGO while Samnang’s story personalises the effectiveness of TGF’s core activities. The video has been an invaluable tool in securing funding that will allow the NGO to keep up the great work they do.

Bill McDonough contacted me make of video of the work that Partners in Progress do on the Ship of Life. The Ship of Life is a fully equipped medical clinic and dentist that provides care to the poorest of the poor communities that live along the waterways in Cambodia. The video was shown at churches in the US was vital part of the NGO’s fundraising. I also produced a 360º/180º photo walk through of the ship to show volunteers what to expect before their visit.

I made this video for Asia Foundation about their community fisheries programme in Kampong Thom Province. It was important to show governmental involvement as well as showing the beneficiaries to illustrate how the advocacy process works. The programme has made a positive impact on local livelihoods. It had also given communities a sense of ownership over their fisheries.