I travelled to Uzbekistan with Benedict Allen to make a web series to promote Wild Frontier’s Silk Road tours. Benedict was a great travelling companion - we had a blast.

In episode 1, Benedict is in Samarkand, one of Central Asia's most famous cities, due to the wealth and influence it gained at the height of trade along the Silk Road. Discover Samarkand's incredible Islamic architecture and the story behind some of the city's most famous citizens.

In episode 2 of the webseries, Benedict takes a closer look at the history and architecture of Samarkand. Taking in some of its most spectacular sights.

In this episode, Benedict visits the tomb of Tamerlane, the great medieval conqueror who built a vast Asian empire in the 13th century.

In this episode Benedict meets the locals and drinks to their health.

In this episode Benedict enjoys a traditional Tajik feast, and shares tales of wolves over a glass (or two) of vodka.

In this episode, Benedict visits a traditional flour mill, samples some Uzbek bread and has tea with Bacron the miller.

In this episode, Benedict discovers rural life in the Nurata Mountains before taking in a stunning view of the Kyzylkum Desert.

In this episode Benedict, visits a camel farm, makes friends with some of the young camels and discovers the legendary curative powers of camel milk (and urine!).

In this episode, Benedict reflects on his time in Uzbekistan, from Samarkand to the Nurata Mountains and all the people he met inbetween.